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FACE DU JOUR 4/24/97:

Anna Waronker: Two or three things I think I know about her... Anna plays in the group That Dog. She's a Cancer (July 10, 1972). She has pretty eyes. Her dad's some big shot in the recording industry. She sings and plays guitar and lives and writes at "the lodge" in Los Angeles. An embarrassing 8th grade photo of her can be found online someplace.

Yeah, but everybody knows all that. However -- I recently got a hot scoop for all her fans out there passed on to me by a nice writer named Clare Kleinedler who writes for the online music magazine Addicted to Noise:

"I talked to that dog tonight and I have some goss that Anna gave me specifically for your Face de Jour: She almost got married to her boyfriend yesterday in Lake Tahoe (the band was playing a benefit show). By the way, her beau is Steve from Redd Kross!!! A legend in my book. The whole band is curious to check out the Endless LA site to see what you put under Anna's pics. Had a great time at the gig tonight and the whole band is really nice. Can't wait for them to come back!! "
Don't know what the "almost" means; there could be some hot gossip behind that one too. Stay tuned.

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