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152 coolest girls

Okay. You know how on the COOL GIRL pages we ask you to write us and tell us your favorite COOL GIRLS and then we post them up for the world to see, right? Well, last month in honor of our big color printed version of FOXY, the magazine, we counted up your responses and made this list...

Actually, MOM got the most votes. Woo-hoo! you sure do love yer ma's. But besides all your fab madres, these are the Top 152 Cool Girls according to YOU!

F.Y.I. The PeeChees drummer Molly also drummed with Bratmobile, the Frumpies and K Records' singing sensation Lois, cool girl # 30.

F.Y.I. Ani DiFranco, cool girl #39, is only 25 years old, yet she has put out seven records already! The last one was called Not A Pretty Girl. It rocks in that girl and her lone geetar way.

F.Y.I. Rita Ackerman, cool girl #58, best known for her little girl paintings that have adorned the cover of the CAKE LIKE record and Thurston Moore's solo LP has now switched gears and her new paintings are totally different. Keep your eyes peeled to FOXY cuz we got an exclusive on her latest art scheduled in the next couple of weeks...

F.Y.I. Corin, cool girl #66 formerly of Heaven's To Betsy, has a new band and a new LP. They are called Sleater-Kinney and the album is Call the Doctor on Chainsaw Records. Write to them at p.o. box 42600, Portland, Oregon, 97242.

F.Y.I. Victoria Williams, cool girl #92, has the voice of a chick Neil Young-- tender and warbly all at the same time. The singer, who is affected with Multiple Sclorosis but still manages to perform like crazy, started an organization to provide health insurance for musicians.

F.Y.I. Cool Girl #100, the fab friend Ela has moved to New York City to go to Parsons!

F.Y.I. Cool gal #119, Toni Tennille, the better half of the seventies duo that sang such hits as "Muskrat Love" and "The Way That I Want To Touch You," is still married to the sailor guy, the Captain and they own a recording studio in Los Angeles (any bands out therer looking for a place to record their next LP? check out Rumbo Recording Studio!)
1. Bjork
2. Courtney Love
3. Audrey Hepburn
4. PJ Harvey
5. Tori Amos
6. Kim Deal
7. Juliana Hatfield
8. Kim Gordon
9. Claire Danes
10. Winona Ryder
12. Madonna
13. Chrissie Hynde
14. RuPaul (ouch!)
15. Sylvia Plath, morose writer babe
16. Lydia Lunch, spoken word diva
17. Dorothy Parker, witty writer babe
18. Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries
19. Aretha Franklin, soul sister
20. Tonya Donnely of Belly
21. Maya Angelou, poetess
22. Billie Holliday, torch singer
23. Sandra Bernhard, actress/comedienne
24. Jodie Foster, actress
25. Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill
26. Xena Warrior Princess
27. Uma Thurman, actress
28. Janeane Garofalo, comedienne/actress
29. Luscious Jackson, dancin'/rappin divas
30. Lois Maffeo, K Records singer
31. Debbie Harry, ex-Blondie
32. Hillary Clinton, first woman
33. Lisa Simpson, sis of Bart
34. kd lang, country crooner
35. Toni Morrison, fab writer chica
36. Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star
37. Tank Girl
38. D'Arcy of Smashing Pumpkins
39. Ani DiFranco, NY singer babe
40. Mary Chapin Carpenter, country crooner
41. Farrah Fawcett of Charlie's Angels fame
42. Sinead O'Connor, singer
43. She Ra, power cartoon chick
44. Neneh Cherry, rappin sister
45. Jen Cast, friend and skater
46. Joan Jett, rocker chick
47. Alanis Morrisette, singer
48. Kate Bush, singer
49. Jennifer Herrema from Royal Trux
50. Maggie Cassidy, as in Neil's writing wife
51. Katherine Hepburn, actress
52. Cara Beth Burnside, skater/snowbrder
53. Coco Chanel, fashion diva
54. Sara Gilbert, Roseanne's snappy daughter
55. bell hooks, to-the-point writer
56. kristen dunst, actress
57. susie bright, sexologist
58. Rita Ackerman, painter chick
59. Elastica, chick band
60. Astrud Gilberto, the Girl from Ipanema
61. Julie Delpy, actress
62. Carla Bozulich of Geraldine Fibbers
63. Francesca Lia Block, writer of Weetzie Bat
64. Fairuza Balk, actress
65. Sandra Bullock, actress
66. Corin from Heaven's To Betsy
67. Carol Channing, broadway actress
68. Maggie and Hopey from Love and Rockets comeek
69. Maki Nomiya from Pizzicato 5
70. Lisa Palac, sex editor
71. Cristina Martinez of Boss Hog
73. Mother Theresa
74. Lady Miss Kier of Deee Lite
75. Juliette Lewis, actress
76. Dolly Parton, country queen
77. Elizabeth Montgomery, as in Bewitched
78. Liz Phair, singer
79. Emily Dickenson, poetess
80. Lisa Loeb, singer
81. Mary Tyler Moore, actress
82. Josie and the Pussycats
83. Chloe Soventy from KIDS
84. Christina Ricci, actress
85. Jamie Reyes, skater babe
86. Naomi Wolf, Beauty Myth
87. Eleanor Rooslevelt, ex first lady
88. Shonen Knife, Japanese gal band
89. Wonder Woman
90. Weetzie Bat, literary character
91. Patti Smith, singer/poetess
92. Victoria Williams, singer
93. Barbara Streisand, singer
94. Pumpkin Wetzel, singer
95. Velma from Scooby Doo
96. Camille Paglia, opinionated writer
97. Laura from Superchunk
98. the ex-Sassy staff
99. Casey Cagney, poot gurl!
100. Ela!!!!! friend and mega chick
101. Susan Faludi, writer
102. 5,6,7,8's, band
103. Tina Basich, snowbrder
104. L7, band
105. Mary Lou Lord, singer
106. Moon Unit Zappa, daughter de Frank
107. Jennifer Jason Leigh, actress
108. Morgan LaFonte, snowboarder
109. Frida Kahlo, painter
110. Ramona Quimby, fictional cool girl
111. Marge Simpson, mother of Lisa
112. Ruth Simmons, Pres. of Smith college
113. X-girls everywhere
114. the Runaways, ol' chick band
115. Tsunami, band
116. Anna Waronker from That Dog
117. Ripley in Alien
118. Rainbow Brite
119. Toni Tennille, Captain & Tennile!
120. Tribe 8, lesbian band
121. Smurfette
122. Cokie Roberts, news babe
123. Missy Giove, mountian biker
124. Cub, band
125. Jane Austen, 18th century writer
126. Charlie's Angels
127. Grace Kelly, actress
128. Gillian Anderson, X-Files FBI Chick
129. Ursula leGuin, sci-fi writer
130. Cheetara from Thundercats
131. Nina Hagen, singer
132. Debi Mazar, actress
133. Patty Loveless, country singer
134. Janis Joplin, dead '60s singer
135. Billie Jean (as in the Legend of. . . .)
136. Barbara Kingsolver, spiritual writer
137. Laura Ingalls, Little House on the Prarie
138. Barbara Kruger, painter/photographer
139. Motherhen, a FOXY band
140. Madge the Palmolive Lady
141. Erin Moran, as in Joanie loves Chachi
142. Suzanne Vega, singer
143. Roberta "I will survive" Flack
144. Heather Royce Roll and Skunk! poetesses
145. Meg Ryan, actress
146. Susan Sontag, writer
147. Magaret Atwood, writer
148. Holly Hunter, actress
149. Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
150. Jennie Garth, TV actress
151. Susan B. Anthony, suffragette (city!)
152. Bea Arthur, as in and then there's Maude!